The Past few months…

28 Sep



It feels like I left Ghana a lifetime ago and it really makes me sad. I can already feel everything slipping away! When I returned to the states I realized how much of the language I knew because most of my thoughts were in Twi. But now just a short three month later I’ve already started to forget! And it really, really sucks.



I’ve also come to appreciate how amazing Ghana is. I knew while I was there but I have an even greater appreciation for it now. The people, the music (oooh Azonto how I miss you!), the food, my amazing family, everything! As soon as I got back I was thrown right back in. Stress, stress, and more stress. It hasn’t stopped since I returned and now that I’m applying for colleges my brain feels like it might explode. I honestly don’t know how everyone deals with it all. Going to school, applying for colleges, doing homework, and still maintaining a social life has proved to be nearly impossible! But I like to think that I’m handling it pretty well.

These past few months I haven’t really done anything too impressive, hence me not posting anything. But I want to keep my blog updated so I thought I should hurry and slip this in here.







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