okay, bu bye!

28 Jun

Reality is setting in

I leave my home in one day

But I return to my other home in six days

I leave behind a beautiful country, filled with friends and family

And return to my country filled with familiar friends and family

Worse part is, I don’t know how to feel, because I don’t know what I feel

I’m lost in a sea of emotions.

I mean I knew, from the beginning that this wasn’t forever, just ten months, just a temporary thing that would eventually end. But still…it hurts. I guess all good things do come to an end, even if we don’t want them to.

I’ve washed my clothes, packed my bags, eaten my last fufu, and taken all of my farewell photos. I know this is so typical of an exchange student to say, but wow, this has been an amazing year. There were so many times I almost called and said I needed to go home, so many nights that I cried myself to sleep and waking up in even a worse condition because the very thought of being here made me depressed. One of the AFS volunteers came to my house in my first two weeks here in Ghana and I just broke down crying and saying how I didn’t think I could do it anymore and he looked at me and said in the most sincere voice “Just please…be patient. You’ll be okay. Okay? I promise” and though at the time I didn’t want to accept that it would get better. It did. It got better, and better, and better and now I consider this place my home, I know I am always welcome in my family’s house with open arms.

It’s a huge roller-coaster, you have your ups, and your downs and in the end you just want to get back on the roller-coaster and do it all over again.

It definitely wouldn’t have been the same If  I didn’t have the amazing friends and family that I helped me get through this year.. so I just want to say a big Meda ase paaa! I love you guys!

And to my friends and family that I’m leaving behind, mekwaaba!


One Response to “okay, bu bye!”

  1. Grammie July 2, 2012 at 11:34 pm #

    Through tears I say how BEAUTIFUL! I love you so much

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