The dos and don’ts of Ghana (the obibini stereotypes) 

24 Mar

Before I start, just have to point out that I do know I said I would post at least once a week but it’s much easier said than done

•walk and eat
•greet from afar  
•smell your food before you eat it
•yawn without covering your mouth
•invite someone out and not pay for them
•kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend in public (unless you’re a prostitute) 
•talk about your period
•talk about sex
•tell your parents you have a boyfriend
•wear short shorts
•call children by things like “little monkey”
•forget to order people inferior to you around
•praise the devil
•like/practice witchcraft 
•move out until you’re married
•know how to swim
•acknowledge the difference between the words “he” and “she”

•yell out “OBRUNI” anytime you see a white/fair person you suspect to be a foreigner 
•have a passion for football
•attend a church or the mosque regularly 
•put at least three spoonfuls of sugar in your tea and enough milk to make it milk with tea rather than tea with milk 
•dance azonto like a boss when you learn how to stand on your own two feet
•(only if you’re in school) wake up at 3 AM to study (that’s just a euphemism, really wake up to memorize the textbook)
•(women only) know how to cook rice in AT LEAST 5 different ways using only tomatoes and onions 
•be ripped from birth 
•have an insanely thick neck and killer balance 
•drop whatever you’re doing (no matter how important) when an elder calls you
•speak at least three languages 
•ask people if they have a Facebook 2.5 seconds after meeting them, then ask them their name
•treat your house guests better than your own children  


One Response to “The dos and don’ts of Ghana (the obibini stereotypes) ”

  1. Nicole Coleman March 28, 2012 at 2:02 am #

    How can you not HICCUP!! It comes naturally lol!! I bet being there is so much different! I don’t know how you do it Adriana!! You are so strong! -Nicole C.

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