A day in the life of Abena

1 Mar

6:15 alarm goes off
6:45 I force myself to stop hitting snooze and get out of bed
6:50 shower & dress in the world’s most unflattering and uncomfortable dress
7:15 take tea and bread with mum and dad while watching the news or listening to the radio
7:30 leave to school. Walk about a block and take two cars
7:50 arrive at school and argue with the prefects about punishing me and usually spend so much time doing this I miss the rest of the morning worship (hallelujah!)
8:00-2:45 sit and talk with Dana and Drew and a few good classmates and of course visit Don Diego in the canteen (where the best fried rice in Ghana is) and try and pick up a few words of Twi and sometimes get a free sachet of water (yess, save 5 pesewas!! (around 3 cents)). Interestingly enough I learn more talking with Don Diego in 15 minutes than I do with the teachers (well, those that show up).
2:45 catch a tro-tro home
3:30 arrive home, watch some Seize the Day (Spanish soap opera) and of course Oprah!
4:45 help sister rose make dinner 
6:00 eat dinner with mum and talk about our day
8:45 go to sleep

Obviously everyday I learn something and most days I go out with my sister and do something; visit the seamstress or go to grind up some seeds at the little seed grinding place so we make tuozafi…sounds a little lame but is actually great and my favorite part of the day. 
*fun fact, next time we go to grind up seeds I’ll get to carry the huge bowl of seeds….on my head!! It’s extremely exciting!


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