Ghana and the Family

16 Sep

I have been dying to get on here and tell you all about…the good, the bad, and the ugly! Well basically it’s not like what I thought it would be. The books definitely butter it up a bit. There are poor people here, there are beggers, and dirt, and trash, and rude people EVERY WHERE! (Yes, it’s like that in America too), but it was just surprising. It’s no lie when people tell you that the food is heavy. You take two bits of food and you’re stuffed but you still have a plate piled high! I try and eat it all because I don’t want to be rude, but then I get sick and my dad insists on taking me to the hospital. So that’s fun. Everyone says Ghanaian’s are very indirect, which could very well be true, but my family seems really direct. The other day my sister said “How come you’re so fat and your sister isn’t?” Like WTF ha, but it’s okay because fat here is good (: But it’s just so funny how different America is.  Bathing is ridiculous (not good, not bad, just different), you get a bucket and a “sponge” and it’s just…hard. The toilet, don’t even get me started, you have to fill it up with water every single time you want to flush it!! I’ve already come to really appreciate America!

I want to tell you all about my family: My dad, they try to get me to call him Daddy (so not going to happen) –he’s a hard working man who basically is all about word peace. He is also very strict, none of us are allowed to leave the house unless he says (except) Ahmed, who is my 24 year old brother. Overall, he means well.

My Mom, oh Mom. Her English isn’t as good as my Dads or Ahmed’s. She is constantly saying “watch your self” as we walk in the street–she worries about me just as much as my real mom worries about me. If I bump into something in the house or drop something she says “sorry” which I find to be be pretty funny. She is always trying to make sure I’m full. I tell her “no, no it’s okay. I’m full. I’m going to get really fat!” and according to her, it’s not the plates piled high with food that have been fried and covered in oil. Or the fatty (yet delicous) yogurt ice cream she feeds me everyday–but the water. Yes, I bet you didn’t know water makes you fat (: she says, “You drink to much, eat more food, less water. That way you don’t get fat” Oh ya gotta love her!

Ahmed. He is very “knowledgeable” he is so nice and smart and his English–is better than mine. He’s pretty old, 24 and he will soon be done with college. But then dad wants to send him to America to get his masters and PHD, he’s going into business and he says “everyone, everyone makes it America”…ooh goose bumps (: He does a lot for the family, he (some times) helps cook, he does Hakim (a.k.a Prince), Dad, and Mom’s laundry–take note, HAND WASH every single piece of clothing. Basically he’s awesome. He says he’s going to teach me French and Arabic. Arabic so I can better understand the Qu’ran.

Najwaa (a.k.a. sister) does EVERYTHING (her laundry, the food, sweep, turn on/off the fan, mop, clean the bathroom, clear the table) everything. She is very… interested to say the least. Every time I write in my diary or write anything down. She is at my shoulder reading it. She is 18 almost 19 and will graduate in 2013, the same year as me. I’m not sure why she’s so old and in highschool, she started school when she was only a few months old. She will be helping me with Twi, another type of language. Anyway, she’s really nice and says that if a guy at school comes up to me and tries to be my friend I have to say no because apparently here saying you’ll be a guy’s friend means your easy or something.

Oh man, this is going to be hard!!!!

Prince, I love prince. When I go with mom to pick him up from school, the very first thing that I see if cute smile. He is so cute and smart! He already knows more french than me (he is also teaching me) and he is just great. He loves American candy, and tic tac toe, and cards. We talk a lot–he reminds me so much of  Zora (my real little sister) and so I talk to him a lot.

It’s been really hard so far. I try and make the best of it, but what can I say? I miss my mom. I miss everyone. I just want to go home and sleep in my soft bed and wake up and have some good old American cereal, and walk around outside without choking on the air. But I have to try–I know this year is going to be awesome and I have to think of the positive, not the negative. Except  I have to tell you one negative thing, I can’t find my Ipod charger and that’s the only way to skype 😦 okay, well that’s all. I start school Monday, and I’m extremely nervous. I’ll be studying either general or visual art and it sounds awesome but also kind of challenging.


Alright well, sorry that my writing is not very good. I’m in an internet cafe and feel rushed with people breathing down my back, (it’s a bit sketchy). Well….until next time.



10 Responses to “Ghana and the Family”

  1. Aunt Tawni September 16, 2011 at 7:23 pm #


  2. Aunt Tawni September 16, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    And hey, do something so you don’t have to moderate my comments, eh?

  3. Janette Brianne Souders September 16, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    How exciting! So glad you are keeping a positive attitude, I am nowhere near as brave as you girl. Keep up the blogging 🙂

  4. Aunt Marjie September 16, 2011 at 10:32 pm #


    I love ghanawiththewind and will keep up with you on your blog! We miss you but we’re glad you are having a great time.

    And, don’t drink the water!

    xoxo Aunt Marjie

  5. Daisy September 17, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    Eeeek! So exciting! I love you!

    By the way, this post made me laugh. Quite hard. That last part was in our Special British Accent.

  6. Nana September 17, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Dear Adriana, such an interesting bit of news. Do not worry, if anyone can adjust YOU are the ONE! I know it in my heart.
    Washing by hand reminds me of my childhood. We did have a wash board to help in the process.

    Keep strong, honey, and we miss and love you!

    Your Nana

  7. Grammie September 17, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    It sounds so exciting my love and what an adjustment you have to make. I know that it is hard to fit in to different cultures but if anyone can do it you can. You have adjusted to everything beautifully in your life and this is just one more adjustment for you. Please keep up on your blog as I love reading about your experience. I love you more than you know and yes I miss you not too much just a little haha.

  8. Michelle September 17, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

    Hey Boo… Love your blog 🙂 I’m happy you are finally there. Your house family sounds pretty awesome. Your mom, great… Water makes you fat! I never knew… Now I know, and will eat more and drink less. I’m sure you are blending into the enviroment just perfectly. Everybody can’t resist your locks of hair and beautiful beeming smile. Your mom (Tasha) told me about the whole left hand right hand thing. How trippy is that? Every nation has a culture/custom though, doesn’t it? I dunno about about you, but I wipe right. LOL!
    Miss you dear, and hope to hear from you soon… Blob, FB, letter… or even through your mom. Hope you have an amazing experience you will remember forever 🙂 xoxoxo…
    PS. Fred says HELLLLOOOOO 🙂

  9. Olivia :) September 20, 2011 at 12:27 am #

    Ah! Adriana, this sounds amazing! I can’t believe that you are doing this! I can’t even imagine everything you are going through!! You are so amazing! I am so jealous of all that you are learning! I am keeping up on your blog and I hope that you keep having the time of your life!! I am missing you like no other right now! I need my friend! haha This whole experience sounds so amazing!! You sound like you are having the best time!!! Love you so much!!

  10. Austin Spence September 21, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    Adriana! This is fantastic! You sound like you are doing so great, and reading this makes me know you’ll have a great year. Do not worry about feeling negative things! It is totally normal, and you have a fantastic mind set about thinking about the positive. It will definitely go away, and you’ll love it! You’re family sounds so awesome, and I can’t wait to see pictures. You’ll have to send me your address cause I’ll still write you letters. Hope school goes well for you! P.S. I hope I’m not creeping you out always commenting on your stuff! I’m just super excited for you! I’m so proud (you’re my prodigy).

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