Time Flies

23 Aug

Thinking about how long it’s been since I started working on my YES application way back in November–it’s no lie when they say time flies! If someone came up to me a year ago and told me I would be spending a year in Ghana I wouldn’t believe it, (and I’d probably be wondering where Ghana is), now I’m leaving in 2 weeks and 1 day! I can hardly believe it–everyone says when you get your host family it becomes more realistic. For me, that day was today…about 20 minutes ago actually, when I finally  got a response from my dad whom I’ve been waiting to hear back from. He told me the whole family will be calling to talk to me on Wednesday, which gave me that me that horrible feeling you get in your stomach when you realize that this isn’t just something that you’ve been talking about for months, that sounds fun, or is something that you might, maybe want to do some day, but it’s actually happening.


Faster than I ever imagined. I honestly just don’t know where the time goes! Boy I just sounded like my nana. While we’re on the topic of family, let me tell you about my new host family; I have a mom, who is a stay at home mother, a dad who works in public relations, a 24-year-old brother, a 19-year-old sister, and a 7-year-old brother! Their muslim, they live in Accra, their strict–but permissive (I don’t get it either), and they occasionally attend religious activities. I would love to post a picture to show you but seeing as I haven’t officially met them yet, that would be kinda weird. I’m Über excited to meet them and just tell you all about it. And by you I mean my mom and grandparents because they are basically the only people who read it.

Almost forgot to mention, I have a really difficult time not jumping around from topic to topic, being very unorganized–just try to keep up and ignore all of the grammar mistakes (yes I’m talking to you Daisy)


One Response to “Time Flies”

  1. Grammie August 30, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    Yes your grandparents do read your blog, have been going to it almost weekly and finally some new news. It is a week before you leave and I am already missing you but so happy for you and proud of you. Such an adventure….

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