21 Jul

Everyday that passes is a day closer to leaving my friends and family. Everyday I feel an overwhelming feeling that my next year is going to be great, yet lingering in the back of my head is doubt. Not that I am not absolutely 100% grateful and stoked to go to Ghana but I know it’s going to be the most life changing, difficult thing that I have ever had to face.

And I’m facing it all alone.

I’ve read everything YES has told me to read, I’ve read all of the other YES Abroad blogs about traveling and the ups and downs. But one can only read so much, nothing is like actually being there. To tell you the truth I kind of get a stomach ache just thinking about it.

But I’m trying, trying to keep a positive attitude, I have time to get everything ready and say my final farewell – I have at least a month, I just need to remind myself to live in the moment, (so overrated, I know) but really I need to have fun now so I don’t regret dwelling on this time later. Plus I don’t really have much time to dwell, I mean between getting the visas, planning going away parties, and researching about Ghana, there is hardly anytime left at all.



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